It’s true! We make excuses for our own behavior, but when someone else does the same thing we do, we are often merciless.
I encourage you to reverse the process, assume the best in others, but keep your own life under the magnifying glass. Allow God to deal with you first, and then you will learn the scriptural way of helping others grow.

 Holy Spirit, instead of examining the lives of others, I want You to help me examine my own life. I know that with Your help, I can correct the issues I have and find the proper way to help others grow as well.

Give Him Your Cares and Follow Your Heart

He wants you to follow the desire He’s placed in you. Let God take care of your cares and follow your heart. You can trust Him. He cares for you!

God, sometimes I don’t pursue what You’ve placed in my heart because of my worries and cares, so today, I give them to You. I know You can handle them, and You want me to be free to follow my heart.

Life gets too complicated, confusing and frustrating when we try to please both God and people. You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone and worry what people think about you. Live life for God and be free to be who He made you to be.

Lord, I make a decision right now live for You alone. Living by other people’s standards and expectations for me will get me nowhere. You are the only One who matters, and I will be the person You’ve made me to be.

Have a Blessed Weekend!

Trusting God brings a supernatural rest to our souls, allowing us to live simply and freely, the way He wants us to live. So even when it doesn’t make sense, trust Him, and experience His freedom and rest.

God, Your ways are better than mine and I know that trusting in my own strength will get me nowhere. I place my trust in You. Even when it doesn’t make sense to me, I choose to trust You, knowing You will make Your plans come to pass.


Luke 4:18-19 

How can a person move on if he/she is still a prisoner of their past lives. Basically the one who suffers here is our own self as well we tend to be more guilty that we cannot have that chance to change to become a better individual. God usually starts changing peoples lives, if God is the God of second chances do not deprived your own self to have that chance to become the person you wanted and God wanted you to be. God gives us that peace in our hearts and soul … then he are able to gain that inner peace within ourselves then God free us from our past life and reborn us again to make our lives go straight to the path which God leads us.

To start my Friday ….

Choose to think according to God’s Word, not how you feel. Receive His love and experience a new beginning. Life will become so much sweeter if you live with an attitude that says “God is completely changing me from the inside out. He’s giving me a new beginning and there are greater things ahead.”

Lord, I renew my mind in You. I know that You have a new beginning and a calling for me just like you did for Moses and Paul. I receive it today, believing that You can bring it to pass.

Lord, please shower me a high level of Wisdom today. This girl is getting on my nerves. ;( 

On the day of judgement it will appear as if the life of this world was less than one day.

Today’s Prayer

 Lord, every time I start to believe the enemy’s lies, remind me of the truth in Your Word. By believing in You, I receive peace and joy today.

To find a true love we must start with God.