Everlasting God Indeed

Psalm 37:4 ( KJV ) 

Last night I received an email from a loved one back home while I was attending our mid week prayer meeting but it was about to end when i saw it and read some part of the message … tears started falling and i went out to read the remaining part of that message .. My world just stopped turning. I dont wanna feel like this —- depressed, helpless, unworthy and despair. I am living my life far from my family almost 2 yrs now. 1 year here in BKK and a year somewhere else … I dont wanna feel this way .. I was seeking God and been praying and talking to Him to be with me. I dont wanna feel that ” self pity “ I know God is there for me .. I dont wanna feel that He is abandoning me as of this moment because of these trials and testings that I am encountering. He knows what I feel inside and I cannot hide from Him. I dont wanna look for an outlet to satisfy myself or just divert my attention just to feel good for the meantime. We can deceive other people that we are okay but not our God. I know all will be well as i live my life this way and with Him as I walk in love with Him. He will stay with us when we are in need we just have to seek Him and we will Him there waiting for us. =) He stays and will always remain. His love for us is everlasting.

Be more aware.

Psalm 25:20 (KJV)

Sometimes we have to check ourselves as well… We have to be sensitive to the feelings of other people.

We tend to think that those things we said are okay. But in reality we hurt their feelings and not even ask for forgiveness.

We should apply the golden rule everyday … We interact with different kinds of people, we should be flexible enough. and just don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you. right? so on and so forth.

Respect is very important. Some people don’t have conscience because they do not have God in their hearts for these kinds of people we should reach out to them and be a blessing by letting them know Jesus Christ.

do not be jealous; desire only God and be contented.

Hebrews 13:5 (NIV)

Honestly I thank God for what I have now, I could not ask for more although I dont have everything in this world like material things, and so on. But I consider everything a blessing.

The things that I have. Especially this life that I’m living. There are a lot of things in this world that we have and should be thankful for. When I came to know God which was one of the things that brings me “true happiness” being saved and knowing Jesus Christ.

In this world we live in we are to blind to see the things that we should be thankful for because we are so busy doing other things that doesnt even deserve our time and attention. Those blessings that we should thank God for those “praises” we received. My family,friends,good health,provision of needs,work,security,safety,wisdom and so on. And sometimes we ask something from Him “YES,NO,WAIT” will come in here. Whatever He provides you be thankful and acknowledged Him.

Spending time knowing Him and His words I gained Wisdom and understanding which is what exactly what i needed in life, a feeling of bliss. Then I learned that its not about me, this is all about Him this is Gods battle.

As of now i cannot think of something to ask Him. I only desire Him, His words, the things that i am currently learning is priceless. My family, friends, and my life is priceless. I feel happy for those people who are blessed enough because I feel blessed too.

Let me continue feeling this way Lord God. Be with me. Because this feeling makes me happy and contented.


September 1 2012

 1:38 AM

I am the main character of my own story.As i live this story of mine, each and everyday.. I met different kinds of people where they become part of my story—My storyhas been filled with love, happiness, sadness, hatred, depression, anger and those twists that even myself don’t have control. People are important part of my story, there are times that I asked myself why some people or which I consider characters in my life, which they manage the way intoyour life and forever they change the direction your story was going in— for the better or for the worse.  With the help of those characters, ME, as the main character will gradually grow as an individual, into someone that no one could ever predicted.  Eventually as time goes by, you will look back at the story you have plotted, how this so called ” book of life ” got filled, and see how trials and testings you’re gone throughout the course of life, and in that last page you’ll realized that your book of life is now filled and that defines who you are. What defines your life that even yourself as a main character will be surprised; that your life is meant more than what you ever expected it to be.  xoxo Aix

Lord, Please lift me up…

August 29 2012


Have you ever felt like your world is falling apart?

and you prefer to be in your four sided corner room and just hide

yourself there, than face those hypocrites people around you.

This is the moment where depression, loneliness, sadness, are eating you alive.

Where all you can do is break down and cry and just give up yourself and ran away

from the situation.

Life has full of challenges, you feel the weight of the world where you can’t get up

these are the days where you feel alone and broken.

I am currently breaking down, without really knowing what I’m breaking down about.

There is a part of me that wants to give up this life that I have right now, and the other part is holding on

to something that I don’t know but there is hope… that LIFE is worth keeping that there is something better in life

rather than giving up.


The Future is Uncertain

Aug 28 2012 


Did you end up making a choice today? 

and how do you know, that the choice you just made will lead you to the road

where happiness, darkness,sadness, loneliness or love is there? 

To be honest, no one can say what their future has in store for them.

As much as we want to be our lives like this and that, or just take the control over it

whether you like it or not, you wont always be able to. 

Each and everyday you live your life here on earth, You will always 

face unexpected challenges, unexpected people that will be part of your life, and those people 

that will leave you, where you never thought they will, but what remains

are only treasured memories you have with them, that you know 

deep down within your heart… nothing can bring them back to you. 

Life itself has full of uncertainties, We live in this world that our future is unpredictable 

Basically, we tend to plan our lives as if that’s what is really going to happen to us

But those RIGHT and WRONG choices we made and will be making, 

no matter difficult it may seem, we have to make that choice….

Even if you don’t know where you can eventually end up. 



Don’t Make Assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

and this i have to do!!! 

Act in a little thing that you know and learn as you go along the way

what are you afraid of?

what are you afraid of? Oftentimes in our lives we tend to have an attitude where we panic on certain scenario, where we decide right away on things that we dont know what will be the result in our lives. To be honest, right now i really do admit that I am afraid of things that might happen in the future things that i dont know and will happen What is the status of your faith right now? GOd did not promise an easy life throughout but what He did promise is a life with Him, when we put our trust, faith, and that we believe in Him. There is nothing to be afraid of. His strength is perfect, when our strength is gone. ;) Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Forgetting About Ourselves

The secret to having joy is giving your life away rather than trying to keep it. When you get the focus off of you and onto God, God can show you how to live a truly meaningful life.

I encourage you to start your days by dedicating yourself to God. When you do, He will faithfully help you live a godly life.

Lord, I offer You my eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, heart, finances, gifts, talents, abilities, time, energy, all of me! It’s not about me. It’s all about You.