Regardless of the difficulties you face, just keep praising God and giving Him glory. Faith will rise in your heart, and you will overcome.

Don’t Worry…Worship!


Peace is a big word and so much hard to attain for our own self. Even in our world today we cannot observe that “world peace” 

Where would peace come from anyway?

I am a type of person who worries about my future like “what will happen tomorrow?, the next week’? what if like this and that?”… even the future of my family, my mom and 2 brothers. I work to help them and give them provision .. i know inside me that its not enough that i should provide them more, i have to save money, i have to look for another job to do that. but what stopped me?—- is the realization that there is GOD in our lives and He don’t want me to think that way. Currently He is letting me experience His Love in me by that i attained peace in Him, Myself and as well as with others. 

as you have observe when we have peace in our hearts we don’t worry about whats gonna happen next because we submit everything to HIM and trusted HIM that whatever happens He is with us now and forever. God wants us to feel how important is to have Him in our hearts and how important living the life NOW. and let God control our lives because no matter what we will do we cannot change our future God already planned it since the day we are all born.

Lord God, Let your love stay in my heart for me to experience peace within you, myself and the world. DO not let external forces to get inside me by covering that love that i am experiencing now. I dont wanna worry about anything. i wanna focus to ONLY you Lord, by living my life NOW.

Where is the way?

Are you also finding your way in this cruel world?

You know, as I live my life there are times that I pause and just think about “what do I really want

 in my life “? “What’s that thing that really satisfies me”?

Then I said to myself, why not give up then? Than try to face and figure out all the confusion that I face living this life.

Life seemingly becomes this hopeless and endless maze.

Which is really confusing sometimes.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are a better person?

Or is there a time in your life that you owe this life the very best of yourself?

Have you?

Are you currently stuck in life?

The truth about this being “stuck “in this so called life of ours is that they’re not stuck, it’s just they haven’t found something that demands the very best they have to offer—- something that makes them want to be a better person.

Have you found your way? Or have you found someone or something that will help you to become the person you should be from the start.

Sweet Escape

I admit they are times in my life where I just want to escape from everything.

To ran away from a place where none of my problems would be able to find me.

Have you ever had that feeling before?

Where you just want to disappear from everyone?

How I wish I can get in a plane and go somewhere and leave all my responsibilities behind, my schedules and to leave all the drama.

I wonder how it feels when you don’t carry the weight of the world anymore.

What would it be like to be the person who leaves instead of the person who always gets left behind?

How does it feel when you finally find that escape or to press that redo button and be the person you always wanted to be.

Life gets so complicated at times that it seems you prefer to just leave and forget about everything.

To your past that haunts you until now and where hope for the future is gone.

I am just being dreamy that one day I will be able to have that SWEET ESCAPE.


Sometimes I truly forget about how grateful I am of having this kind of life.

Oftentimes I keep on complaining about something or just having that feeling of pity on myself

I take everything for granted that I never realized how much the good times outweighs the bad scenarios that I encountered, and how much blessed I am compared to so many people in the world.

Looking at the other side of the world there are people who is crying for help, a family in tears as they hope for a miracle to come

staring on a hospital bed as their loved one is on a battle against death. As I complain at times that I hate being sick, where they are taking advantage of their last few moments being alive.

Whenever I get mad to my mom or siblings for whatever reason, while there are some children who is looking for their parents who abandoned them.

Taking time to realize everything that I grew up with friends and a family who truly loves me, always there for me and taught me a lot things that helped me in times of difficulties handling a situation.

Being able to realized how things are going the way God wants it to be, I should stay grateful for everything. That whatever the situation is good or bad but with Him.. everything is possible.


All of us are dreamers. We do a lot of crazy things, but we don’t control any of our dreams. Do you wish that you can do magic? Believed that you can stop the time and do superpowers? But one things for sure we all do believe in love that will last forever, there was hope. Somewhere in the middle of your dream, you wish its reality, suddenly you woke up and see how much life is able to change us. How many people no longer believe in love that’s pure - a love that is so fascinating.  I just want to keep dreaming. I don’t think we were that innocent back then as most people think we were.Life is moving,so are we, whatever happens whether it will cost you pain, depression,loneliness.sadness, love, friendship and so on its all part of the learning process of the cycle called life. Whatever happens, dont stop dreaming. 


Praises: (February 21, 2013)

I have to admit, I was not as excited as usual for my birthday—- maybe because for me it’s just an ordinary day.

But my birthday just served to remind me of how blessed I am.

I just turned 26; it’s been a rollercoaster-EPIC ride for me. God indeed has blessed me in many ways. Grateful and happy with the blessings He gave me.

Thank you for walking with me daily, You have carried me when I needed you. I thank the Lord for giving me another year in my life, all the blessings and gifts He allowed me to experience. Celebrating it away from my family but the Lord makes it sure that I will enjoy celebrating it here with my ARK Family.

I am so thankful for the amazing people God has blessed me with. Every year seems to get better and better.

God has been so gooood! I’ve seen some doors closed, but a lot more have opened. God has proven His faithfulness, and kept me in perfect peace. I have no reason to complain.

I’ve had a year of great health: I’ve been admitted, been in and out from the hospital, a lot of prescriptions, and a lot of trauma in my body. But still grateful I’m alive!

I have family and friends who love me; they showed me so much love. He blessed me with a  group of people who have enriched, and inspired my life.

I am also thankful for the wonderfully gifted, smart, and motivated counselors that the Lord has place in my life. Helping me to grow in my Christian walk has pushed me to a higher level of accountability, and I’m proud to take on the challenge.

This year is going to be awesome; I am expecting great things from God I am also expecting to do great things for Him. He has blessed me more than I deserve, and I am happy He has called me His own.

I realized how God has taken such good care of me, and blessed me with so many amazing people in my life, and gave me incredible opportunities. I am very excited for what He has in store for me in the future.

He truly embraced me and poured me through the blessings around.

Thank you Lord!


Having everything organized and tidy in my room, clean sheets to sleep in & done three loads of laundry. My OCD makes things so much better. I am going to sleep for the rest of the weekend.

Everlasting God Indeed

Psalm 37:4 ( KJV ) 

Last night I received an email from a loved one back home while I was attending our mid week prayer meeting but it was about to end when i saw it and read some part of the message … tears started falling and i went out to read the remaining part of that message .. My world just stopped turning. I dont wanna feel like this —- depressed, helpless, unworthy and despair. I am living my life far from my family almost 2 yrs now. 1 year here in BKK and a year somewhere else … I dont wanna feel this way .. I was seeking God and been praying and talking to Him to be with me. I dont wanna feel that ” self pity “ I know God is there for me .. I dont wanna feel that He is abandoning me as of this moment because of these trials and testings that I am encountering. He knows what I feel inside and I cannot hide from Him. I dont wanna look for an outlet to satisfy myself or just divert my attention just to feel good for the meantime. We can deceive other people that we are okay but not our God. I know all will be well as i live my life this way and with Him as I walk in love with Him. He will stay with us when we are in need we just have to seek Him and we will Him there waiting for us. =) He stays and will always remain. His love for us is everlasting.

set yourself free

Isaiah 61:7 

lately I have been avoiding people… I just don’t want them to see me. I have been dealing with a lot of stress these past few days… stress and me are getting along most of the time by then. A lot of things are actually stressing me out and been running through my mind lately, i was trying to divert myself to other things to be my outlet just to forget about those problems. I was totally struck or enlightened today with this because it gives me strength and understanding to have that wisdom to make up my mind that I have to be free of what i feel inside. I am the only suffering here. God really find ways and answers our prayers. We just have to be patient and wait for His timing. In Gods perfect time. It’ s worth the wait really for God wants me to experience Happiness; all of us. without keeping ourselves hold onto the things that makes us feel that shame because of our sins. We have to learn how to let go and have that freedom to experience inner peace with God’s grace and mercy.